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our COVID-19 hell

Ramona Mayon
Greg Mayon
our home and our SUV
the park we were in 3.18.20


That last photo, that’s what it looked like our last night in our RV home, the place we’d lived for the past 18 months (off and on, so as to be in and out on a 12 day cycle, per park rules – we have camp fee receipts since late October 2019). About $440 a month, no water, no electricity. Just a county park at the end of a river road. A quiet life. Just a husband and a wife, married 26 years. Bothering nobody, living on his retirement and her SSI: $1600 and $90 foodstamps. So yes, seniors (he’s 68 and I’m 59) and on a fixed income (in Cali, that means poor), but NOT homeless.

But we are now, thanks to Governor Newsom’s over broad action on 3.18.20 we certainly are now. More to the point (the medical point!), we had been self-isolating since mid-February. Our entire world has been dumped overboard. We have lost all human dignity. And I protest with a hunger strike beginning July 4th, 2020 because I am an American. This isn’t how things should work. I want my RV home back. And that’s just not going to happen. The Governor’s rash order to close the campgrounds without a moment’s notice, the Park Rangers delight to use said order to clear their park of “full-timers” (who pay daily for the privilege), and mostly, the County’s determination to not help a gypsy keep her home, all this has led me to this miserable day, all I can do, after 108 days, is to howl in anger: HUNGER STRIKE.

108 days into Dante’s Inferno, I protest publicly. Not just silently powerlessly hopeless to my journals, my family, my friends. Because if I have to watch my husband die in a FEMA camp, full of stress and hardship while someone somewhere is getting a whole lot of money to make his last days bearable BUT THEY ARE NOT…they make it worse…well, if I have to watch this happen, so can everyone else in this miserable City of Sacramento.

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